Pike and Trident Premieres TODAY!

I’m very excited to announce and support a new, female-led digital series called Pike and Trident, which launched TODAY! It’s the story of two museum curators from the future – Myrtle Pike and Trudy Trident –  who must time-travel to regain important historical artifacts that were lost when one of them, ahem, SCREWS UP. 🙂

If Doctor Who and Game of Thrones had a baby girl, it might look something like this.

The series was written by and stars my good friend, Patty Robinson, and co-stars the lovely Kim Turney. It’s co-directed by Turney and Jan Bryant, who is also the stunt coordinator. And stunts there are! One of the coolest things about Pike and Trident is the fact that so much focus is placed on sword combat between the two leads. This series is great, in part, because Pike and Trident are the opposite of besties, and watching them be at each other’s throats even as they need to rely on each other to get out of trouble is a lot of fun!

Right now, only the pilot is available, with more to come soon (and hopefully, they’ll be able to raise the money to continue the show as scripted – though there are currently plans to regularly put out supplemental digital content from the world of Pike and Trident). Check out the pilot (below!), then head on over to the Pike and Trident website, and “like” the show on Facebook, to keep up with future content and episodes.

If you love female protagonists, time travel, sword fighting, sci-fi, and general badassery, give Pike and Trident a whirl.

It’s my Talk Like a Pirate Day gift to you. Arrrrrrgh! 😉

Coffee Shop Squatters S2! Make It Happen!

Coffee House Squatters costume 1

Me on the set of Coffee Shop Squatters, Season 1.

Aren’t I the cutest little barista you’ve ever seen?!

Hey, it’s my blog (see the name up top?), so of COURSE I’m gonna make this about me. Except it’s not about me. It’s about them. And by them, I mean Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley, who are not only two of the coolest people I’ve come to know, but also two of the coolest comedy creators I’ve come to know. Their short film, Summer of the Zombies has done really well on YouTube, and the first season of their web series Coffee Shop Squatters, featuring Laura Spencer (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Brody Stevens (Comedy Central, Chelsea Lately) was a hilarious addition to last year’s web offerings.

And if you managed to watch it without blinking, you might have even seen me in it!

Well, Coffee Shop Squatters is BACK with a second season and a new coffee shop owner!

Wait…it’s not gonna be Julie’s Cup o’ Joe anymore?! WHO’S CUP O’ JOE IS IT NOW?!

Wanna find out? Then help get Season Two made. Natch, there’s a crowdfunding campaign. You know what to do:

  • Watch video/Read campaign.
  • Likee? (Or, like me and want to see me wear another really cute apron?)
  • Back the campaign.

It’s just that simple!

Here’s to another season of Coffee Shop Squatters! Because even slacker writers need a place to call home.

SONG OF THE DAY: “BRAND NEW DAY” – NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

I feel good today! Yes, there’s big changes happening, but I’m able to prepare for them. There are people who love me. There are options. There’s hope.

What’s funny, though, is that my feeling good about upcoming changes isn’t all birdies and sunshine. There’s a lot of Fuck You in my determination to make the best of things. 🙂 I was trying to think of a song that would capture that, and every song I came up with was just too damn saccharine.

Until I thought of the perfect song.

Today’s Song of the Day is “Brand New Day” sung by Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Enjoy!

Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go get The Boy the keys to a shiny new Australia.


Coffee Shop Squatters – THE DRINKING GAME!

If you want to watch an awesome webseries that will appeal to the aspiring (slightly crazy) writer in you, check out Coffee Shop Squatters! Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley have created a cast of characters (played by the funny and talented Chris George, Barak Hardley, Laura Spencer, and Brody Stevens)  that manages to be endearing even as you want to slap them in the face. 🙂 Episode 3 premiered today, and it looks like the titular Squatters might not have a place to squat anymore! *gasp* What will happen to Super Pups 8?! Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Well, get thee to the Coffee Shop Squatters website and get watching!

To get you started, here’s Episode 1:

Oh, and by the way, if you look closely you might see my mug in passing, as I was lucky enough to do background on this project. I make the best fake coffee and tea EVAR. 🙂

In honor of Coffee Shop Squatters, I’ve decided to create a totally unauthorized (but nonetheless awesome) DRINKING GAME! Because, well, why the hell not? So, pull up a computer/laptop/mobile device, get yourself your favorite drink(s), watch, and play!

A scene from Coffee Shop Squatters, Ep 3.


This game is best played while watching the available episodes all in one go.*


  • Any of the four leads is holding a coffee cup
  • Any time someone mentions baby animals (pups, puppies, kittens, etc)
  • Any time The Squatters are typing on their laptops
  • You you see ME behind the counter
  • Julie yells at The Squatters
  • An actor with lines OTHER than the four leads appears

You will be SO drunk at the end of 10 minutes, it’ll be insane. 😉

*the rules will evolve as new episodes appear, so keep watching, and keep checking back here!

RETCON: Behind the Scenes

Miley directs Sean, Verton, and Yuri. Photo by me.

Well, there are only 11 days left in RETCON’s IndieGoGo campaign. If you’ve been thinking about backing us, now’d be a great time!

As you’re thinking about it, why don’t you lookenzee at our new Behind the Scenes video, featuring interviews with Firefly’s SEAN MAHER, Ben 10’s YURI LOWENTHAL, and ME from…um…that PBS thing where I played an FBI agent in an ill-fitting, polyester skirt suit. Anyway, the video’s pretty rad, and the boys are hot. 🙂 Check it out!



RETCON on IndieGoGo!

Logo by the uber-talented Jennifer Lynn (www.jennydoll.com)!

If you have been following my goings-on at all (and really, you must have, otherwise why are you here?), you’ve probably heard about the web series RETCON on which I’m a writer/producer. You can follow the show on Twitter, like our page on Facebook, or sign up for our mailing list at our website!

However, today was an important day for the show. Today was the day where we took our first steps toward actually making RETCON a reality. We launched our IndieGoGo campaign!

Me and RETCON creator/star Miley Yamamoto as we (so-not-nervously at all!) launch our campaign.

We’re trying to raise $30,000 by September 30th, and so I’m asking anyone within view of this post to do two things:

1) SPREAD THE WORD. Send the link to the IndieGoGo campaign to everyone you know! If you’re so inclined, spread the link on our behalf once a day for a week. Just one week. It would be such a help.

2) BACK THE CAMPAIGN. If you like the look of the video (many of the same people involved in producing the video will be involved in producing the show) and want this story to be made, or you just want to support a project I’m working on (ideally, you want both!), please give within the first week if you can. Obviously, your backing will be helpful any time during our 30-day campaign! But giving during the first week will help us build some much-needed momentum that will encourage others to give, too.

What video, you ask? Here it is! Watch, and adore:

Amazingly hot actors, a brilliant crew, a funny script, and SEAN MAHER DEMANDING A LATTE! What’s not to love about this video? 🙂

I moved out to L.A. a year ago this week (more on that later! Can you believe it’s been a year already?!) to write and make things. With your help in making RETCON successful, I’ll have a chance to do just that! I’m really proud to be a part of this project, and I hope that we can all go on this journey together. Thank you for whatever you can do!


Tor Post: “Surprise Joss Whedon, Pillow Fight Tricia Helfer, and More in Today’s Premiere of Husbands Season 2”

Hey there, kids! Brad Bell and Jane Espenson’s wonderful web series, Husbands, saw its Season 2 premiere today! Have you seen it yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Check it out at LoveHusbands.com!

If you’d rather hear what I thought about it first, you should check out my review over at Tor.com!


It seems that, in season two, Team Husbands has embraced the fact that a) Brad Bell is a huge nerd, b) Jane Espenson is a huge nerd, and c) a huge portion of their fan base is a bunch of huge nerds. Geek bait abounds in this first episode, from the cameos to the incorporation of internet life to mentions of Star Wars. And that’s a good thing. The people that make web shows go viral are generally the same people who go to comic cons and try to make web shows of their own. But knowing their audience doesn’t just benefit the show from a marketing standpoint, it pays off massively in the writing of the second season, making the dialogue even snappier (if that’s at all possible) by using a shorthand that’s more easily understood by more people who actually watch the show. Whereas the Cheeks of season one seemed to be speaking in a way geared more toward readers of In Touch, this season balances Cheeks’ high-profile celebutante existence with a tech-savvy, nerdy sensibility that is both genuine and resonates with their audience. Bell and Espenson are an amazing team, and their work together has gelled even better for season two.

To read the full review, or to leave a comment at the post, CLICK HERE!