ChinaShop: Unique L.A. [REPRINT]

Geek Girl Traveler will no longer be a running feature over at ChinaShop Magazine. Awwww. BUT, that just means more time for this here blog! So, yay? 🙂 (and there’ll be a bit of a change in focus here at the blog. Stay tuned!) Anywho, check out my fabulous final travel feature over at ChinaShop – a piece on Unique L.A, a great marketplace at which you can check out the best local artisans L.A. (and the Pacific Northwest) has to offer!


These days, more and more people are looking to live more ethically and sustainably. From buying locally to figuring out how to DIYDS (Do It Your Damn Self – I invented an acronym, OK?), people are seeking alternatives to what can be purchased in stores. While this past weekend brought us Unique L.A’s 4th Annual Spring Show, it feels particularly necessary this year.

Unique L.A. is a marketplace where over 325 specially-curated vendors gather to bring you the best in locally-made goods. Everything from up-cycled clothing, to ethically made jewelry, to housewares, food, and bath products made from natural ingredients can be found at the two-day event. Unique L.A. is actually one of many shows run by Unique, which also has similar events in San Francisco and New York.

The next Unique L.A. event will take place July 14th and 15th in Santa Monica. Mayhaps I’ll see you there! 🙂 And don’t forget – there are also Unique shows in New York City and San Francisco! So, NYC and SF residents, get out there and support your local artisans, too!

Clean-Up, Catch-Up, and Intros

Hey there, loyal readers! (all ten of you) You might have noticed that I’ve been a little ayzy-lay in the ogging-blay epartment-day. The past month’s been a little insane. Lots that I’ve tried to accomplish (but haven’t), financial insecurities, and by the way, I’m moving again! 🙂 My third time in nine months. Nothing horrible, mind you. Just time for me to move on. At this rate, I’ll have had quite the grand tour of Los Angeles before my L.A. Year One comes to a close!

However, even though I haven’t been posting much of substance this past month (save my response to Moviefone and this post about Girls), I’ve been sprucing the place up little by little. You might have noticed some new tabs up top – like **MERCHANDISE** and **PRESS** and **SPEAKING.** Check them out!

Also, I’m hoping to get back to some regular features here. Some new, some that I’ve done before and miss doing. I’m hoping to do more with the following old features:

Pop Goes Teresa – wherein I talk about pop music intelligently, because I don’t automatically equate “pop” with “bad” or “unimportant.” (check out one of my posts on Lady Gaga)

Teresa’s Bookshelf – wherein I review books I’ve read and make recommendations! (check out my most recent reviews HERE)

The Fray Project – wherein I challenge myself to be better. Yes, I’m still doing this, and starting next week, I’m getting back into the swing of daily posting on that. (Read all about the project HERE)

There will also be a new feature I’m calling MINORITY REPORT, wherein I will highlight awesome work/projects/progress made by women, racial/ethnic minorities, and LGBT folks in the media. There will be some critical stuff, too, but it’s important to me not only to complain about what’s wrong, but celebrate what’s right. This will be my space for that. And when I say “media,” I mean TV, Film, and Comics. 🙂

I also plan on doing more at my other blogs, The Gender Blender and Geek Girl Traveler, and I will be linking all that content here as it posts.

So, thank you for popping in and giving my words a gander. I hope you’ll come back to hang out and have a chat! I’ve got lots more chatter in store! 🙂

If You Like This Blog, You’ll LOVE Geek Girl Traveler (Or, At Least Like It As Much!)

Good afternoon, Fair Readers!

Just wanted to remind you about my other bloggy presence on the intarwebz! When I’m not here, I’m Geek Girl Traveler, aiming to report back from the geekiest locations on the planet! Generally, my column pops up at ChinaShop Magazine, but I’ve done some blog-specific stuff, too. So if you want to keep tabs on my geeky travels, head on over to the Geek Girl Traveler Blog. There’s also a Twitter, and a Facebook page for your social media pleasure.

The latest post at the Geek Girl Traveler blog links to my most recent ChinaShop article about the Pacific Science Center, which includes a GIVEAWAY for a complimentary pass to the Center that you can enter to win by TUESDAY, MARCH 27th! To check out the post and find out how to enter, CLICK HERE!


Geek Girl Traveler brings you more of Geeky Seattle over at ChinaShop Magazine with a write-up of the fabulous the Seattle Center’s Pacific Science Center! The enormous Seattle science mecca is the home to myriad puzzles, lovely animals, and tons of hands-on sciencey goodness.


Fun fact: when you touch a sea anemone’s tentacles, and it sticks to your finger, that’s actually the anemone trying to kill you, and the only reason its poison doesn’t work is because you’re so large. That kinda freaked me out when I learned that after I’d been touching it a while.

2012 is the Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary year. To celebrate, ChinaShop and I are doing a giveaway for one complimentary pass to the Pacific Science Center, good through 2012! So, if you live in, or will be in Seattle this year, check out the ChinaShop post for details on how to win! Or, just check it out anyway, because you wanna know what I have to say about the place. 🙂

For the full write-up, CLICK HERE. Please leave any comments you have over at the post, and don’t forget to leave your mark by voting by clicking on the teacups at the bottom of the posts!


My latest Geek Girl Traveler post is up over at China Shop Magazine! In it, I tell you all about one of Seattle’s greatest geek destinations, the EMP Museum, home of Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition (until March 4th), Avatar: The Exhibition, and the largest collection of Nirvana memorabilia ever assembled.


There’s nothing quite like standing in front of Caprica Six’s iconic red dress, or Starbuck’s flight suit. Or, the TWO FULL-SIZED VIPERS and the FULL-SIZED CYLON RAIDER on display. You might be tempted to jump into these awesome vehicles, but as the signs all over the exhibit say, “Don’t touch the frakking artifacts!”

For the full article, CLICK HERE. And if you’ve got any comments, leave them over at the post! Don’t forget to vote (click on the little teacups at the bottom of the article), and stay tuned for more Geek Girl Traveling!


Do I look like “nobody” to YOU?

Traveling to Los Angeles? Worried about getting around without a car? Not looking forward to spending the cash to rent one? Fret not. Geek Girl Traveler offers weary wanderers words of hope (while providing a PSA to folks who live in Los Angeles)! Check out this video (notes and photos below):


  • A downfall I forgot to mention in the video is that you have to pay every single time you ride a bus or train. There aren’t any free transfers (you might wanna take a cue from NYC on this one, L.A.). So, each ride is $1.00/$1.50, but you’ll have to pay that 2-3 times depending on where you’re going. Metro buses/trains are $1.50, DASH buses are 50 cents, The Big Blue Bus is $1.00, and the Culver City Bus is $1.00
  • Info on Metro/Metrolink.
  • Info on LADOT/DASH.
  • Info on The Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica).
  • Info on Culver City Bus.
  • To plan your trips, visit HopStop. You can also plan trips through Google Maps, obviously, but since HopStop’s specifically designed for public transportation, I find it works better and is easier to navigate/read. Just my humble Geek Girl Traveler opinion.

Entrance to the North Hollywood Red Line subway station.

Clearly, SOMEBODY Walks In L.A.

Woodman Bus Station, Van Nuys.

Metro Red Line.

Metro Red Line/Purple Line platform, Union Station.

Metro Red Line/Purple Line platform.

Union Station tunnel.

Metro Red Line, Union Station.

Union Station

Union Station

People exiting the North Hollywood Red Line Station.

**NOTE (10/14/12): The Geek Girl Traveler Twitter and Facebook page are no longer active. The ONLY place to find my Geek Girl Traveler articles now is here at the Teresa Jusino Experience, at my personal Twitter (@teresajusino), or at my Facebook page (! The email address for tips, however, IS STILL ACTIVE (geekgirltraveler[at]gmail[dot]com)! So, email away!**