It seems that in all my Mary Sue-ing (I’ll fill you in on my first week in a second post), I’ve completely forgotten to catch you up on Supergirl Radio!

Well, it’s still a lot of fun to do and, in my opinion, our episodes have gotten progressively better! I couldn’t have asked for a better podcast co-host than Rebecca, and we’ve already had two really fun guests join in on the Supergirl conversation! The last episode I posted here at the blog was Episode 2 about Supergirl – The Movie. So, here are the episodes you may have missed since!

SUPERGIRL RADIO – Ep 3 – “Little Girl Lost” (about Supergirl on Superman: The Animated Series)

SUPERGIRL RADIO – Ep 4 – SMALLVILLE: “Kara”/”Fierce” (about Supergirl’s first appearance on Smallville; featuring special guest, Morgan Glennon from BuddyTV)

SUPERGIRL RADIO – Ep 5 – MAN OF STEEL Prequel Comic (featuring special guest, Andy B of The Flash Podcast, and our fearless producer!)

In addition to that, we also announced some big news! Fearless Producer Andy has brought all the DCTV podcasts together to form a sort of “Justice League” of podcasts, and we announced DCTV Podcasts on March 6th! DCTV Podcasts includes Supergirl Radio, The Flash Podcast, Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, and Legends of Gotham – so if you want to get your fix of talking The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, or Supergirl, DCTV podcasts will allow you to tap into all that sweet comic book show goodness all in one place! Follow DCTV Podcasts on Twitter, Like on Facebook, and show all of Supergirl Radio‘s brother podcasts some love, won’t you? And fear not! Two of those “brother podcasts” – Quiver and Legends of Gotham – also feature lady hosts! Because in this family, everyone gets a say!

I kinda love that my hosting Supergirl Radio falls so beautifully in line with my new position at The Mary Sue. I’m coming at female geeks from all angles, apparently, despite having “given up” pop culture writing not that long ago.

Just when I thought I was out, THEY PULLED ME BACK IN! 😉




So, I’ve been talking a lot lately about how I want to pull away from pop culture criticism and commentary and focus more exclusively on my fiction, and so far, I’ve been doing that. However, I was presented with an opportunity at the end of last year that was too good to pass up, and it’s my one exception in 2015 to my Fiction (and Creative Non-Fiction)-Only Focus in 2015 rule.

There is a new podcast joining the geeky podcast landscape, and I’m one of the hosts! It’s called Supergirl Radio, and it’s a fan podcast devoted to the character of Supergirl and the upcoming Supergirl TV show on CBS! So, why’d I make the exception?

1) We’ve got a mainstream super-powered female protagonist coming to TV! How could I not be down with talking about that? 🙂

2) I’ve always wanted to get into podcasting. When I was approached for this, I’d already been working on creating a podcast of my own. That podcast is still coming (stay tuned!), but in the meantime, I can learn so much from being a part of this. My producer, Andy Behbakht is an experienced podcast producer, having been helming The Flash Podcast for over a year, and my co-host, Rebecca Johnson, has hosted her own Once Upon a Time podcast in the past, so she knows her stuff, too!

3) We need more women in the geek space. I’m thrilled to be hosting this with another woman who’s ridiculously well-versed in Supergirl. I’m more of a newbie to the character, so I’m looking forward to delving deep and providing the newbie perspective that will be complimented by Rebecca’s geeky knowledge!

Anyway, here’s the official press release:

For Immediate Release





New Fan Podcast Dedicated to the Upcoming Supergirl TV Show on CBS.


Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 The Flash Podcast, which launched in December 2013 and was the first fan podcast for CW’s The Flash, is expanding its podcast circle with the launch of its first sister podcast Supergirl Radio, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd!

Supergirl Radio is a fan podcast devoted to the upcoming Supergirl TV show on CBS, created by Arrow’s and The Flash’s Greg Berlanti and The New Normal’s Ali Adler, and starring Glee’s Melissa Benoist as the titular superheroine.

Supergirl Radio will be helmed by female duo Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson, both of whom have made names for themselves analyzing pop culture individually, and will now be joining forces to celebrate the arrival of Supergirl to television.

This fan podcast will begin with a “Season Zero” – as The Flash Podcast did – from February through September 2015, where listeners will get to join the journey and discover more about Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl, the last daughter of Krypton. Once Supergirl debuts on CBS, Supergirl Radio will become your one-stop shop for all things related to the series. Andy Behbakht, host of The Flash Podcast, is a producer on the show and will work behind the scenes with our hosts.

Supergirl Radio “Season Zero” will provide an in-depth exploration of Supergirl’s history in the DC Comics Universe, dissecting both past interpretations of the character and the current New 52 version throughout the season, with episodes dedicated to iconic storylines and big events that have involved Supergirl. There will also be focus on Supergirl in other media in which she’s appeared, from movies to television and much more!

Supergirl is an upcoming superhero drama by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (The New Normal, Glee, Chuck) that will be a new interpretation of Superman’s famous cousin as she discovers the heroine within her. Melissa Benoist (Glee, Whiplash) was cast on January 22 as the next person to take this iconic heroine to the skies.

CBS gave the Warner Bros. TV project a series commitment on September 19, 2014 and describes as following,“Born on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin. But now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.”

Site link:





Supergirl Radio is a fan dedicated podcast and is not affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. Television or CBS Television. Supergirl & all logos and artwork are trademark of DC Comics and DC Entertainment.  

I hope that you’ll share this with friends, and that you’ll be there listening when we debut our first episode on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD!

NEW AT BEACON: “SDCC ‘14: Selections From Comic-Con’s First Transgender Panel”

l-r: Tara Madison Avery, Dylan Edwards, J.D. Saxon, Ashley Love, Elizabeth Lain, Melanie Gillman.

l-r: Tara Madison Avery, Dylan Edwards, J.D. Saxon, Ashley Love, Elizabeth Lain, Melanie Gillman.

I was working my non-writing day job yesterday, so I didn’t get this up at Beacon until late – but up there now is my second post this week from SDCC. It’s about the first-ever transgender panel at Comic-Con!


Lastly, and interestingly, was Nolan, author of Love on the Racks: A History of American Romance Comics, who was a Comic-Con Special Guest and has been a comics historian for going on 50 years. She is also 70+ years old, and was a trans woman at a time when transgender people didn’t really have the vocabulary to discuss it. It was often cringe-inducing to hear her say things like “In my day, you were either a boy or a girl, it didn’t matter how you got there. I knew I was a girl, so I did what I had to do” while at the same time using terms like “real girl” and “real boy” to mean “genetic girl” or “genetic boy.” Or, watching her be confused by terms like “genderqueer,” as if at a certain point in LGBT activism and Feminism, she just stopped paying attention. The younger artists on the panel got a bit tense listening to her, but I thought that her point of view was important, in order to really demonstrate how far we’ve come in at least being able to talk about gender fluidity and sexuality in a more nuanced, non-binary way. 

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COUNTDOWN TO BEACON: Pop Culture and Race

Miles Morales, of Ultimate Spider-Man, is an example of successfully and organically creating a minority superhero.

The first site to give me and my writing a serious chance (well, after Kevin Smokler did in 2004 on his old site, Central Booking, which has gone by the wayside in favor of bigger projects) was a fabulous geek site that’s still going strong after seven years – Pink Raygun! It’s where I cut my teeth on writing for an audience back in 2007, and it’s where I developed my voice and realized that I wanted to relate pop culture to other topics and issues that are important to me.

This piece, Donald Glover = Band-Aid, Creating Minority Superheroes = CURE, is one of the pieces of which I’m the most proud. In it, I talk about the brouhaha surrounding the idea of the talented Donald Glover possibly playing Spider-Man, and why minority actors playing iconic roles is not only inherently insulting (to them, not to the franchise/role), but serves as a distraction from the real problem. This piece continues to be relevant, considering the recent brouhaha over casting in the new Fantastic Four movie.


I’m a Puerto Rican with a dark-olive complexion. I remember being a little girl and pretending to be all sorts of characters, like Jem, or Cheetara from Thundercats, or Vicki on Small Wonder (don’t ask). Thing is, I wasn’t imagining ME as those characters. I was imagining BEING those characters. Looking through their eyes. Being in their skin. I think that, very often, this is what happens when children pretend to be characters. And with so many awesome white characters, minority children are subliminally taught that in order to be awesome, you have to be white. They’re not seeing themselves as Peter Parker, I think they’re seeing themselves as White Peter Parker. And so, most of the time, girls of all races will choose white Barbie dolls over black Barbie dolls unless their parents make it a point to buy the black ones. Recently, I went to FAO Schwartz and was in their Lifelike Baby Doll section, where they have a full-on “nursery” set up where you can “adopt” a doll. The white doll case was almost empty. The black doll case was mostly full. What’s worse? There was a young, well-to-do black family there when I was there, and their little girl was over at the white doll case picking one out. I’m not making this up.

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SONG OF THE DAY: “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man” – FOX Animation Domination

Song: “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man”

Performed by: Unknown, yet thoroughly awesome, voice actress

Album: n/a – can be found on FOX ADHD (2013)

FOX’s Animation Domination has other “scientifically accurate” videos on their YouTube page (Duck Tales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which are also hilarious), but I saw this Spider-Man one over the weekend and it had me rolling! Since it’s Monday, and most of us could use a laugh on Mondays, today’s Song of the Day is “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man.” Enjoy, Marvel fans! 🙂


GIVEAWAY: The Werewolf of NYC, a New Comic by Edwin Vazquez

Yay for awesome comics!

Yay for awesome comics!

I love getting surprises in the mail! A while back, I’d written a preview piece about an upcoming new comic called The Werewolf of NYC, by artist/writer, Edwin Vazquez. Imagine my surprise when I got a package full of awesome Werewolf goodies in the mail a couple of days ago!

The Ultimate Werewolf of NYC Package, including the limited edition RED T-shirt that only went to Kickstarter backers!

The Ultimate Werewolf of NYC Package, including the limited edition RED T-shirt that only went to Kickstarter backers!

First, the comic. This shit is bananas, but in the best way. Set in the early 1980’s, The Werewolf of NYC tells the story of Albert Shaw, a severely lonely man who has to deal with the fact that if he doesn’t have complete control over himself, he turns into a werewolf and goes on killing sprees. Not being able to lose control makes having relationships, sexual or otherwise, very difficult. In fact, the first issue shows us what happens when a man has to repress his sexual desires for the benefit of living beings around him. You probably guessed it – it doesn’t turn out too well.

Vazquez does a great job of capturing the seedy feel of early 1980’s Hell’s Kitchen, and his art looks like what seeing the world as a bloodthirsty werewolf must feel like. That’s the best thing about Vazquez’s art – it’s visceral.

Yup. That's about what I figured a werewolf attack would look like. Yeesh!

Yup. That’s about what I figured a werewolf attack would look like. Yeesh!

This is the first of a planned 4-issue limited series, and  This story seems like it’s going to be a thoughtful examination of the psychological effects of loneliness, and I’m very curious to see where it goes, especially considering Albert’s decision at the end of the first issue, which comes out of the blue – but when you can’t do normal things like have sexual relationships with women, your mind kinda goes to not-so-normal places…

Now, here’s the part where you might get presents!

All this could be yours!

All this could be yours!

Now, I really enjoy my copy of The Werewolf of NYC, the sheet of tattoo art (created by Vazquez’s partner in crime and comics, Jenai Chin), and the large sticker already graces my sticker-littered laptop. HOWEVER, I thought that I might give the rest away to one of my lucky readers!

Here’s the deal: PURCHASE ISSUE #1 OF THE WEREWOLF OF NYC! If you forward the receipt from your purchase to TheTeresaJusinoExperience[AT]gmail[DOT]com, you will be entered into a drawing to win the RARE “Kickstarter Red” t-shirt in Medium (only 100 were made – and they’re silkscreened by Edwin himself!), a pack of four Werewolf buttons (featuring art by both Vazquez and Chin), and a street tag sticker! You can buy either the 32-page printed on classic newsprint paper in Full Color, OR the digital copy sent to you as a PDF! You have until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH AT 11:59PM PACIFIC TIME to send me your entry!

Support indie comics! It’s good for your soul. 🙂 And good luck!

My First Foray Into Comics!

Art by Mariah McCourt, from her Masters final project, EAT. As seen on the Monstrous blog.

Art by Mariah McCourt, from her Masters final project, EAT. As seen on the Monstrous blog.

OMG, I’m so excited right now, I’m literally bouncing up and down in my seat!

So, over Thanksgiving weekend, I heard about and submit to an anthology project edited by the the uber-talented writer of IDW’s True Blood: All Together Now, Angel, and Illyria: Haunted, editor of The Last Unicorn, Lucifer, and Fables for Vertigo, and fellow Whedonista, Mariah McCourt. You might also know her as one of the editors of the crazy-successful Womanthology: Heroic as well as the follow-up Womanthology: Space. Well, now she’s got a new, female-focused anthology in the works…


It’s called MONSTROUS, and it will be a a collection of stories exploring body image through prose, comics, poetry, and art for women and girls. For now, I know that there’ll be a crowd-sourcing campaign for it sometime in January, and that there are already several comics heavy-hitters interested in contributing! I can’t tell you how honored I am to be considered worthy enough to be a part of it.

Now, I’ve never written a comic in my life… (eek!) But in addition to being a part of an awesome project that not only utilizes female talent and speaks to an issue close to my heart (how appropriate that I get to announce my involvement just after my previous blog post!), this is exactly why I’m so excited! I finally get to delve into an art form that I’ve been dying to delve into. I love comics, and now, I get to write one. I’m so excited to be paired with an artist and dive into that relationship. The comic I write will only be about eight pages, but it’s a story I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and one that I’ll be so proud to tell.


There’ll be more news on this as time goes on, but for now I’ll just giddily say YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!