ChinaShop Post: “Unique L.A’s One-Stop Shopping For the Socially Conscious”

So Olga, one of my good friends from NYC, has been visiting L.A. this week and we’ve been having a great time. One of the events we went to was Unique L.A, a really great marketplace for products by local artisans where they sell sustainable and eco-friendly wares. I wrote it up for ChinaShop, so you can check out my list of fabulous local L.A. businesses to support!


Unique L.A. is a marketplace where over 325 specially-curated vendors gather to bring you the best in locally-made goods. Everything from up-cycled clothing, to ethically made jewelry, to housewares, food, and bath products made from natural ingredients can be found at the two-day event. Unique L.A. is actually one of many shows run by Unique, which also has similar events in San Francisco and New York.

Lest you think that you have to drop a pretty penny to enjoy yourself, there are two areas for Free Refreshments where you can have several beverages and a whole meal made up entirely of free samples. With a DJ spinning a fun and eclectic mix all day, and activities like Caine’s Arcade, a photo area where you can have free portraits taken by Oh, Snap! Studios, and a DIYDS craft table sponsored by the Craft and Folk Art Museum, you can have a great day out without breaking the bank. The best part? Even if you don’t buy a thing at the event, 10% of your entrance fee supports a local charity! For example, this weekend’s event supported CicLAvia, an organization that “makes the streets safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike,” regularly providing much-needed traffic-free public spaces. Oh, and you get a cute, free tote bag designed by a local artist, so that’s pretty sweet.

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ChinaShop Post: Cheeks – Saving the Internet One Video At a Time

One of my favorite things about being a writer is getting to profile people I really, really like. Over at ChinaShop today is my profile of the hugely talented Cheeks, aka Brad Bell who, among other things, is the creator and star of the hit web series, Husbands.


If you don’t already know Cheeks, you should. Since September 2008, his YouTube channel has amassed almost 12,000 subscribers and over 2 million views. He has music on iTunes, including the hilarious “They Call Me Cheeks,” and very active Twitter account (@GoCheeksGo). These days, Cheeks has been getting lots of attention for his web series, Husbands, the first gay marriage sitcom.

Brad Bell knew that when he moved out to Hollywood from Texas that he wasn’t going to follow the same path as everybody else. “I knew that I wasn’t going to drive around town with my headshot and be all I can play this role! I can do that! I’m this guy! Because I’m not every guy, you know? I’m a specific type. So when I got here, I wanted to figure out What am I gonna do differently? What’s a different way into this machine? And it took a couple of years to figure out. YouTube came out as a website that people knew about and were using I think, like, two years after I moved [to L.A.]. That’s when I was like, Okay, there are people putting themselves out there in front of thousands of people on their own platform. I can do that. And I still audition for stuff, but I didn’t feel the need, that it was my only way in.”

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ChinaShop Post: Morgan Spurlock Takes On Comic Con

He’s taken on fast food, consumerism and religion, and Osama Bin Laden. Now, he’s taking on…geeks. Morgan Spurlock’s latest documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, was recently released on Video On Demand, and will be rolling out in theaters in the weeks to come. And guess what? I went to a screening! 🙂


Geeks tend to think that everyone knows the things they know, using the word “everyone” in a manner I lovingly refer to as Geek Hipster to imply that only someone completely out of the loop wouldn’t know about the thing to which they are referring, forgetting that the things they love, while much more popular now, are still really niche in the grand scheme of things. One of these geeks might wonder why we’d need a documentary about San Diego Comic Con. After all, everyone knows about Comic-Con.

Don’t they?

While Comic-Con has become immensely popular in the past few years, going from comic book convention to the place where Hollywood hawks their wares, Average Person On The Street probably doesn’t know much about it. Sure, they might have heard the term “comic-con” in passing, but as to what it is, who it’s for, and what happens there, it’s still very insidery. As for the geeks themselves, they generally go there with their own focus, and the event is so large, that one can experience only one aspect of it and still know nothing about what happens everywhere else.

In his documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, director Morgan Spurlock attempts to cater to both these groups.

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ChinaShop Post: WonderCon 2012

Me, Tom Merrit, Veronica Belmont, and Felicia Day at WonderCon 2012.

Better late than never! ChinaShop was severely backlogged due to SXSW and Fashion Week coverage, and so my WonderCon post has gone up today. But that’s a good thing! Because now, I can have your attention all to myself! HA!

Yeah, that’s it. This was all part of my DASTARDLY PLAN. Ahem. Here’s an excerpt from “WonderCon 2012: Comic-Con International Comes to Anaheim.”


This was a first for WonderCon, which usually takes place in San Francisco. Renovations at the Moscone Center necessitated the move, but allowed those in the Los Angeles area easier access to SDCC’s sister convention, giving more L.A. geeks the chance to attend a well-run show with a great track record closer to home. It’s surprising that, despite L.A’s large and active geek community, not to mention all the high-profile geeks that live here, that they have so few conventions that cater specifically to the L.A. market. While it’s likely that WonderCon will return to the Moscone next year, I’m curious about the numbers and whether or not the show had more or less traffic this year. (Official numbers have yet to be released) It would be great if Comic-Con International spread the con love all over California. SDCC in San Diego, APE in San Francisco, and WonderCon in Anaheim would be a nice spread.

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My latest Geek Girl Traveler post is up over at China Shop Magazine! In it, I tell you all about one of Seattle’s greatest geek destinations, the EMP Museum, home of Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition (until March 4th), Avatar: The Exhibition, and the largest collection of Nirvana memorabilia ever assembled.


There’s nothing quite like standing in front of Caprica Six’s iconic red dress, or Starbuck’s flight suit. Or, the TWO FULL-SIZED VIPERS and the FULL-SIZED CYLON RAIDER on display. You might be tempted to jump into these awesome vehicles, but as the signs all over the exhibit say, “Don’t touch the frakking artifacts!”

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GEEK SHOPPING: The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store [REPRINT]

Photo by Moi. This is in the doorway of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, New York City.

There is a wonderful, magical place in New York City (in Brooklyn, which seems to be emerging as the Geek Capital of NYC) where you can not only buy yourself a superhero cape and a secret identity, but you can also outfit your sidekick, and even de-villainize any villains you manage to trap. This place is called the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store.

Even better, however, than being able to buy a whole mess of cool superhero gear is the fact that the proceeds go to 826NYC, an organization that provides free walk-in writing tutoring and workshops to school-age children! So you can dress like a hero by actually being one!

826 Centers, co-founded by author, Dave Eggers, also exist in San Francisco, CA and Ann Arbor, MI. All of these locations are mentioned in a ChinaShop article I wrote, and all of them have geeky storefronts to help raise money for the centers – 826 Valencia has a Pirate Supply Store, and 826 Michigan has a Robot Supply & Repair Shop!

What ISN’T mentioned is that there’s also one in my new city, Los Angeles! 826LA actually has TWO locations: one in Venice, and one in Echo Park. Echo Park also has a Time Travel Mart. You know, for all your time-traveling needs. 🙂 And I love its slogan: Whenever You Are, We’re Already Then.

826 stores are springing up all OVER the place, currently existing in Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and Seattle in addition to all the locations above! Chances are, there will be one soon in any city you’re visiting if there isn’t one already. For the complete list of 826 centers and the geeky products they sell, visit the 826 National website.

And for my original piece on the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, visit ChinaShop: THE BROOKLYN SUPERHERO SUPPLY STORE: HELPING YOUNG WRITERS ONE CAPE AT A TIME

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LI’L GEEKLETS: Best Destinations For Little Geeks (and Their Parents) in NYC! [REPRINT]

Photo courtesy of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, New York City.

Visiting New York? Traveling with the kids?

I know, sometimes it’s difficult finding places that both you AND your child enjoy. However, as a Geek Parent, you have it easier than most. You play with toys and watch cartoons ALL THE TIME. 🙂 And there are plenty of places in New York City that indulge your inner-geek while also appealing to the budding geek in your child, all while giving you the playfulness you both crave! Wanna know my favorite child-friendly geek attractions across the Five Boroughs of New York City?

Check out my full write-up and more photos at ChinaShop: BEST DESTINATIONS FOR GEEK KIDS (AND THEIR PARENTS!) IN NYC

**NOTE (10/14/12): The Geek Girl Traveler Twitter and Facebook page are no longer active. The ONLY place to find my Geek Girl Traveler articles now is here at the Teresa Jusino Experience, at my personal Twitter (@teresajusino), or at my Facebook page (! The email address for tips, however, IS STILL ACTIVE (geekgirltraveler[at]gmail[dot]com)! So, email away!**