Photo by Mike Bucher

Photo by Mike Bucher

Believe it or not, people have written about me! Some of those people include:

International House of Geek – April 9, 2012: Leia Calderon-Rox was kind enough to interview me as part of her series on local geeks she hopes to meet at SDCC.

Once Upon a Blog…Fairy Tale News – February 10, 2012: InkGypsy spotlighted my series on Once Upon a Time Vs. Grimm over at Thanks for the mention, InkGypsy!

RedEye “Geek To Me” blog – December 27, 2011: Elliot Serrano named me one of the Top 11 Geek Girls of 2011! Thank goodness it was a Top 11, because if it was a Top 10, I probably would’ve gotten cut! 😉 – March 15, 2011: Alex Brown reviews Whedonistas and mentions my essay!

ChinaShop Magazine – February 19, 2011: Mike Bucher at ChinaShop was kind enough to cover one of their own when I did my first real reading at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA.

Whedonesque – February 13, 2011: Whedonesque was kind enough to shout-out my reading as well as the Gallifrey panel I was on to promote Whedonistas! Thanks, Simon!

NY Daily News – August 25, 2005: An oldie, but a goodie! 🙂 A little article on my venture with Elizabeth Mayo Chancey and Alex Chancey, Talentless Hack Entertainment. We created some great short videos. We tried to create a webseries I wrote called The Pack. We were small, but mighty. And who knows? We may do things again in the future! For right now, though, 3,000 miles keep us apart.

Me in my final role as Black Elk in the Stone Soup Theater Arts production of Adam Hunault’s play “The Ghost Dancers.” 2008

And from my former life as an actress:

Off-Off Online – August 28, 2004: A review of the Stone Soup Theater Arts production of The Trial of God, by Elie Wiesel. It’s the only time an acting performance of mine was ever singled out. 🙂

TheaterMania – September 16, 2003: I’m quoted in this piece by Michael Portantiere on The A Train Plays, “You Must Take the ‘A’ Train.” I happened to be in that production with Ashley Atkinson (Rescue Me), Tracy Thoms (Death Proof, Rent), Donovan Patton (Blue’s Clues). I’ve led a really varied life. 🙂