SONG OF THE DAY: Baby’s On Fire – Die Antwoord

New “Song Of the Day” feature here at The Experience. Because I’ve been wanting to include more music on the blog and give myself an excuse to broaden my musical horizons and listen to more awesome and interesting stuff.

Now let’s get on with it. :)

Ninja and Yo-Landi Va$$er of Die Antwoord.

Song: “Baby’s On Fire”

Performed by: Die Antwoord

Album: Ten$ion (2012)

Someone recently introduced me to this South African hip-hop/techno duo (maybe Zef would be more accurate) while we were driving in his car, and I immediately fell in love with their brashness, their weirdness, and their flawless delivery. Die Antwoord (which means The Answer in Afrikaans) has been a group since 2008-ish, but their album, Ten$ion (2012), is definitely their best, though there are some really good tracks on their debut, $o$, too.

Anyway, while “Fatty Boom Boom” was the first song I heard that made me sit up and go “Ooh! This is good!”, I’m makingBaby’s On Fire” my Song of the Day, because I love Yo-Landi Vi$$er. She sounds like she’s 12, but she will kill a motherfucker. :)

The video on top contains just the song and the lyrics if you just want a listen (also, um, there’s Spotify and Pandora). Below that is the official video, which is a battle cry from little sisters everywhere telling their privileged older brothers who get everything they want to stop being so protective about who they do or don’t get into bed with. And apparently, that message sometimes needs to be conveyed with a brick to the face.

Enjoy the weirdness.

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