Tor Post: Grimm Special – “Last Grimm Standing”

Better late than never, right? :) Over at today is my Grimm Special on Friday’s episode, “Last Grimm Standing.” It was an episode that gave us a lot in terms of the show’s mythology, while being a little lighter on the police procedural element.


What redeemed the episode was the fun, humorous dialogue and the focus on the wessen world and mythology. From Nick going in to save Monroe, knowing his worth as a Grimm; to Captain Renard’s dealings with the wessen underworld, most of the story of the episode dealt with the show’s mythology and Nick, Monroe, and Renard’s places in it, and these are elements of the show that have been long time coming. Interesting, too, that we got to see all of this on the occasion of Nick and Juliette’s 3rd anniversary. Juxtaposing the wessen world with the most important thing in Nick’s personal life effectively lays out the direction for the rest of the show.

For the full review, CLICK HERE. And if you have any comments, please leave them over at the post. Thanks!

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