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My chapbook is available!  Now, you can get in On the Ground Floor of my budding writing career by purchasing this purdy, slim volume that contains two early short stories of mine:

Talking About Willam – a little girl who processes her feelings about her mother’s death by talking about the boy she likes. This may or may not be autobiographical.


The Sandbox – a group of little boys fight over a patch of sand. This may or may not be about the Middle East.

For only $5.00, you can not only own this limited edition volume of my writing (there are only 500 of these IN EXISTENCE! And ONLY 300 AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!), but you’ll also be supporting me so that I can go on writing.  No writer does it alone, and if you like what I do, snag a copy so that I can afford to continue writing stuff you like!  :)

Thanks so much for your support!  And I hope you enjoy the stories!

**SPECIAL THANKS to Arie Koelewyn, Ruth Koelewyn, and The Paper Airplane Press in East Lansing, MI for the lovely books!**

TO BUY ON THE GROUND FLOOR (because WordPress isn’t letting me put a button anywhere on my blog):

1) Go to PAYPAL.  Enter info and follow instructions as indicated.  Use my email address: teresajusino[AT]gmail[DOT]com. You’ll need to sign up for a free PayPal account if you don’t already have one, which isn’t a bad thing to have.  Otherwise, just log in.


$5.00 for the book ONLY

$6.00 for a SIGNED copy

$7.00 for a PERSONALIZED copy (ie: “Dear Fred, You’re awesome.  Keep on keepin’ on!  Love, Teresa”)

3) Add $2.00 for Shipping & Handling for up to 3 copies within the U.S. (6 copies is $4 S&H, etc) Add $3 for overseas shipping.

4) Indicate how many copies you’d like, which (if any) you want signed/personalized, and what you’d like your personalized message(s) to be in the “Email to Recipient” section.


I hope to be able to figure out a “Buy Now” button to put in my sidebar, but the HTML code isn’t being very nice to me right now.  So this will have to do in the meantime.  I’m a geek about many things, but computer code isn’t one of them.  Thank you for your patience!

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