NEW AT BEACON: “Pop Goes Teresa Goes to Comic-Con!”

Published July 23, 2014 by Teresa
First San Diego selfie of the week.

First San Diego selfie of the week.

I’ve just arrived in San Diego, and am about to get caught up in San Diego Comic-Con craziness. For the next four days (and three nights), I’ll be running around checking out geeky offerings, going to panels and screenings, interviewing creators…and maybe sneaking in a party or two! Plus, I’ll be having my epic first meeting with Janice Orlando (of FanFlail fame – she and I go all the way back to Caprica fandom, but have never met in person…until now!), and catching up with other folks I know whom I usually only get to see at conventions. I’m very much looking forward to it!

And I’ll be writing about my shenanigans EXCLUSIVELY at Beacon!


1) Every morning, I will post my schedule for the day – what panels I hope to check out, what interviews I’ll be doing, what events I’m scheduled to take part in, etc, so that you have an idea what to expect to hear about in the coming days. I’ll be using the “Discussions” section for this, but my posts will be emailed straight to you if you’re a Pop Goes Teresa subscriber!

2) Every evening before bed, I will post a Comic-Con Diary that will sum up, in brief, what I did, how I felt, and my overall impressions of the SDCC for the day.

3) You can keep up with my shenanigans as they happen by following me on Twitter! I’ll be posting observations/exciting news using the hashtag #TeresaSDCC.

4) Starting Monday, I’ll be writing a new article EVERY DAY about something Comic-Con related: announcements, projects, reviews, the event itself…and of course, these will all be examined through the Pop Goes Teresa lens you’ve come to know and love!

That’s right! I won’t be writing about my Comic-Con experience here at the blog AT ALL. So, if you want to keep up with Comic-Con through MY eyes, CLICK HERE to get to my article and subscribe to me at Beacon! For only $5/month, you can have access to my coverage of SDCC, as well as the work of 100+ other journalists covering all the topics you care about!

See you on the con floor! :)

Overdue Birthday Post

Published July 22, 2014 by Teresa
7-11 gives out free slurpees in honor of my birthday! How nice! ;)

7-11 gives out free slurpees in honor of my birthday! How nice! ;)

On my 35th birthday this year, the day started out feeling like all of my first choices for things to do were being crapped all over!

I wanted to go to The Waffle for breakfast, but when The Boy and I got there, it was under construction. What was worse? The sign up outside said “We will re-open on July 11!” My birthday is July 11th, and judging by the size of the hole in the ground, it didn’t look like it was opening any time soon. So, I was disappointed that my birthday was starting out so, well, disappointingly. BUT, we ended up going to Larchmont Bungalow, which I also love, and I had the best. Quesadilla. Ever. So that turned out all right.

THEN, we attempted to go to this spa place where we’d found a Groupon for a couple’s champagne/rose mani/pedi! $55 for 2 people including free champagne and a cupcake! WHAT?! So we went there, and of course the spa was all booked up. I’d been REALLY looking forward to that. We tried to go see a movie, but there was no movie that we could see that would let us out in time for my birthday dinner in the evening. Grr.

So, we ended up going home, getting my birthday slurpee (my birthday and Free Slurpee Day are the same day), putting whiskey in it, drinking and watching Before Sunset, which I’ve seen (and LOVE) but The Boy hadn’t. So…that turned out all right, too. Neither one of us has seen Before Midnight, so we’ll be seeing that soon, too.

But yeah, after a morning of running around, an afternoon watching one of the most romantic movies ever with the love of my life over honey whiskey (and slurpee) was pretty darned awesome. :)

Mairghread and Jason think me being an old lady in my mid-thirties is HILARIOUS.

Mairghread and Jason think me being an old lady in my mid-thirties is HILARIOUS.

Things started picking up steam at my birthday dinner at Midori Sushi. My friends Mairghread and Jason came out and I ate my body weight in sushi. We had some great conversation, and it was a good time!

Me and Heather (and my birthday flowers from her and Alexis!)

Me and Heather (and my birthday flowers from her and Alexis!)

The night got even better once we got to Sardo’s for karaoke! At first, I was worried no one was coming – I booked a table for 9:30, and my first guests arrived at around 10 – but once they started they didn’t stop, and in the end, I had a great group of some of my favorite peeps together to celebrate! Songs were sung, beers were swallowed, and a good time was had by all – despite how LOUD their sound system was! (Seriously, it was loud) One guy (who ended up knowing Heather) did an amazing mash-up to a karaoke track, calling it a “work in progress.” Another dude did a killer Bowie (Ziggy Stardust). And one guy sang the shit out of Melissa Etheridge’s Come to My Window! Seriously, I think Sardo’s is my new favorite karaoke place, because the people who sing here MEAN BIDDNESS. And I love that kind of atmosphere! Laid back and friendly – but taking karaoke fun VERY seriously. :)


Ashleigh, Me, Heather, Alexis, Lindsay, Josh, Adam, and Eddie.

Ashleigh, Me, Heather, Alexis, Lindsay, Josh, Adam, and Eddie.

And of course, my friends were all about it. Ashleigh and Eddie made me squee with their version of Dammit, Janet. And Alexis was hilarious singing Somebody’s Watching Me. But, of course, the biggest Karaoke Slut of all was me!

Also, I think I had the most drinks purchased for me that night than I ever have on any birthday! The Boy and his bro got me drinks, natch, but then so did our waitress, who took a Blue Moon off our tab for me, and a random dude at the bar who was visiting L.A. and heard it was my birthday! Needless to say, by the end of the evening, my karaoke was FEARLESS. We closed the place down, and I had an amazing time!

My favorite photo of the night. Heather took this of me and Adam when I wasn't paying attention. Lurve.

My favorite photo of the night. Heather took this of The Boy and me when I wasn’t paying attention. Lurve.

The final part of my birthday celebrating was The Boy and me going to camp overnight in Joshua Tree (at the Indian Cove campground). It was a very different experience for both of us, which is precisely why I wanted to do it!

Nothing but desert surrounding the campsite.

Nothing but desert surrounding the campsite.

We camped in The Boy’s car, and there was a picnic table and a fire grate as part of the campsite. We spread blankets on the ground by the fire so we could hang out and lounge under the stars.

Campsite - blanket view

Campsite – blanket view


Campsite - picnic table view

Campsite – picnic table view


Sleeping arrangements.

Sleeping arrangements.

The thing that amazed me most about the desert? The QUIET. I’ve never been anywhere so quiet before. It was so quiet, that when we first arrived, I kept swallowing, thinking that my ears needed to be popped! But there was just nothing to hear. It was so quiet that, when we were leaving our payment for the campsite (through a slot in the wall at the ranger’s station, because there were no rangers!), the sound of the rope slapping against a nearby flagpole was SO LOUD. It was so quiet that whenever a bird flew overhead, we COULD HEAR THEIR WINGS FLAPPING. It was amazing, and several times we just sat for long chunks of time listening to the silence.

That is, when we weren’t getting drunk and silly. :)

The other thing that amazed me about the desert was how brightly the moon lit up everything. I was concerned that, even with the fire and the little lantern we brought that we might not have enough light. But it was a Full Moon, and it was huge in the sky, and it was so bright. It was so bright, I wasn’t even scared to take the flashlight and go across the way to the nearby outhouse in the middle of the night! (I’m not The Dark’s biggest fan. Especially out In Nature. But this was a piece of cake!) It was beautiful.

I loved being able to just talk with The Boy without other distractions. I loved the quiet. I loved the moon. I loved the beauty of the landscape.

What I didn’t love? THE FREAKING MOSQUITOES AND OTHER FLYING INSECTS THAT WOULDN’T LEAVE ME ALONE NO MATTER HOW MUCH INSECT REPELLENT I PUT ON! Between the moths swarming our lantern as we tried to play a card game at the picnic table, the mosquitoes biting the hell out of me, the big-ass ants keeping me from getting fully comfortable on the blanket I spread, because I was afraid they’d climb into my clothes…Let’s just say, next time I go into Nature, I’m gonna be Queen of the Citronella Candles. I’m surrounding my campsite with them. Oh. My. God.

However, the other lesson I learned, is that it was a DUMB idea to go camping in the DESERT in FUCKING JULY. There’s a reason why summer is the “off-season.” It’s because it’s hot as BALLS in the desert in July. So, I might have been able to cover up more and protect myself from the flying, bitey insects, but I couldn’t, because it was SWELTERING, and even having my long, loose, cotton pajama pants on made me feel like I was gonna DIE.

Yeah, we were planning on going on a hike the following morning, but after not sleeping well due to the heat, the bitey insects, and the uncomfortable car seats, the last thing we wanted to do in the morning sunshine was hike up a freaking hill. We woke up early, and skeedaddled to find some food in town, then sped out of there and back to civilization. :)

Still, it was worth it for the quiet and the beauty. Next time, though, I’ll be better prepared, go at a better time of year, and do it RIGHT.

A photo can't do that sunset justice, but I'll carry it around in my memory. It was gorgeous.

A photo can’t do that sunset justice, but I’ll carry it around in my memory. It was gorgeous.

NEW AT BEACON: “All About That Bass: White Girls and Booty”

Published July 16, 2014 by Teresa

This week’s Pop Goes Teresa column over at Beacon actually talks about pop music. Or rather, one particular pop song that my pals Maighread, Jason, and Alison turned me onto.

I discuss Meghan Trainor’s debut single, All About That Bass and how, while it’s a great song, it throws women – particularly skinny women and Women of Color – under the bus.

But it’s still so damn catchy!


But even just looking at the photos above – Miley Cyrus during a performance of We Can’t Stop; Lily Allen in her video for Hard Out Here; and now Meghan Trainor’s video for All About That Bass - you can see that even in videos created by white women trying to make a positive statement, black women are being used. Sure there are other white women in the videos, too, but they’re not the ones being grabbed. They’re not the ones being used as visual aids. They aren’t asked to be props in addition to being performers. 

And yes, in the case of someone like Lily Allen, she’s doing something like this to speak out about how wrong it is that this gets done. I get it. But you know that by doing stuff like this, you’re just making it happen more, right? And it’s hard for me to respect a message coming from the Mileys and Lilys and Meghans of the world when they aren’t even willing to bear skin and get grabbed in the same way in their own videos, staying above the demeaning treatment while attempting to comment on it.

Actually, scratch that – of the three examples above, Miley Cyrus is the most balanced! In the We Can’t Stop video, she does grab black women’s asses, but they also slap her ass. What’s more, she grabs other white women and lets them grab her. And also, there are scantily-clad people on both ends of the gender spectrum. Really, she just wants people to live, love, and say who and what they want to. Point: Miley Cyrus. (At least on the video. That live performance was another story…)

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Thanks!  :)

The Gift Of Impact

Published July 10, 2014 by Teresa
Me. 35 years ago. :)

Me. 35 years ago. :)

I turn 35 tomorrow. 

Crazy, I know. :)

Anyway, I’ve had a couple of people ask me what I’d “like for my birthday.” And while I appreciate the gesture, and I’m touched that people are thinking of getting me anything at all, I also REALLY LIKE SURPRISES. Honestly, I prefer getting gifts I have no use for but that are surprises to gifts of stuff I need but that I ask for. Surprises are gifts in and of themselves! Even if I never wear the ugly sweater. ;) But usually, people are better gift-givers than they think. Chances are, if you know me at all, whatever you get me will be something I enjoy.

Then again, I never expect anything for my birthday. Times are tough financially, and not everyone has the time to make something. I know there are several people I care about very much that I haven’t been able to give a birthday gift in a long time, because money, because time, because I live so far away…so, I don’t generally expect anything. Usually what matters most to me around my birthday is spending time with close friends or family…and getting to be entirely lazy and self-indulgent for a day (or a weekend).

After all, it’s the only time when it’s legitimately OK to totally celebrate ME! :) So that means only fun things that I want to do, or quality lazy time.

That said, I know there might still be some of you who want to do something to help me celebrate the occasion. For that, I am grateful. If any of you would like to help me commemorate my 35th year on the planet, I would love it if you could send a donation to any of the following organizations: 

National Alzheimer’s Association
American Diabetes Association:
National Autism Association:

If you choose to give to one of the national organizations, look up your state’s (or city’s) local chapter and give to them! Your donation will have more direct impact if it doesn’t have to trickle down through the national organization.And here’s the Birthday Present Part: When you’ve made your donation, email me a copy of your receipt at! I’d love to take screencaps of them to make a gallery that’ll show how much of an impact I’ve had on the organizations I care about! :) (I’ll likely be posting pictures and shouting you out on Twitter – #TeresaBday) Please email them to me by this Sunday, July 13th at 11:59PM. :)

That’s it! That’s all I really want for my birthday. I mean, I certainly won’t turn down a thoughtfully picked-out gift. :) But if you’re struggling to think of something, or if you were looking for an excuse to make a donation to a worthwhile cause, here you go!

NEW AT BEACON: “The Angel of Verdun: Nuanced Female Characters”

Published July 9, 2014 by Teresa

Posts once a week at Beacon. That’s how I wanna roll. :)

Anyway, here’s the latest at my pop culture column over there. It’s about the difference between “Strong Female Characters” and “Nuanced Female Characters” and why I think Rita Vratasky (Emily Blunt) in Edge of Tomorrow is a great example of the kind of female character we should be clamoring to see in films.


I hate the phrase Strong Female Character

“Strong Female Character” carries with it a judgement that I don’t think its users intend. After all, what does “strong” mean? Does it mean physically strong (and so, are we defining strength according to stereotypically male criteria)? Does it mean emotionally strong (and so, does this mean that if a woman cries, falls in love, or protects her children she’s not strong)? Does it mean assertive and ambitious (and so, can more average women not be “strong characters?” And how do we square that with the fact that, with male protagonists, the Hero’s Journey is often defined by his starting out as an ineffectual schlub who grows into leadership. Was he not a “strong character” until the very end)? 

My preferred phrase – and what I think most people mean when they say “Strong Female Character” – is Nuanced Female Character.

What those who want gender parity in pop culture want in their female characters is complexity. We want them to be more than girlfriends, doormats, or prizes to be won. We want them to have their own inner lives and goals in the stories we watch. Even if they’re not the protagonists, we want them to be fully-realized people, not caricatures. We want them to have strengths and flaws. We want them to have, or at least want and earn, agency. Most of all, we want them to have a reason to be in the story that doesn’t boil down to: Plot Device.

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Thanks! :)

HOTPIXEL POST: The Hot List – Tyler Palmer & Cole Palmer of Patreon

Published July 8, 2014 by Teresa
(left to right) Cole Palmer, Sam Yam, Tyler Palmer, Anthony Privitelli, and Jack Conte. Photo courtesy of Patreon.

(left to right) Cole Palmer, Sam Yam, Tyler Palmer, Anthony Privitelli, and Jack Conte. Photo courtesy of Patreon.

July’s HotPixel Hot List is up at the HotPixel blog, and it’s about a crowdfunding site that I know a lot of you have expressed interest in. I had the chance to speak with Tyler Palmer (Director of Operations) and Cole Palmer (Director of Creator Relations) over at Patreon about what sets their company apart and how a model like Patreon’s can help filmmakers and creators of longer-form content. If you’re curious about that at all, you’ll wanna check this out!


Patreon fills a niche that allows creators who may have fallen through the cracks before – or who have been underpaid by AdSense through YouTube – to have a shot at making a living. Tyler told me the story of the birth of Patreon by telling me how Conte started the site.

“Jack launched his first music video called Pedals, and he spent close to $10,000 on the music video. He got his check from YouTube, from AdSense, in the mail for $120. So, he went into debt making this music video, and that’s why Patreon exists,” he explains with a laugh. He then told a similar story about musician, Molly Lewis, who had 30,000 views on a video that ended up paying her a whopping $60. Her paycheck from Patreon for the same video? $2,300. “I hear the story too many times, from people who have thousands of eyeballs, millions of eyeballs, and then they get their check for fifty-three dollars,” says Tyler. Fan love translates directly into support for the artist without having to go through advertisers, which is one of the many things that makes Patreon special.

Now, this is all very well and good for digital creators of short-form content, but what about creators of long-form content – like, independent films, for example. Can they make a home at Patreon, too?

For the complete article, as well as to leave a comment about it, CLICK HERE.

Together In the Same Room

Published July 7, 2014 by Teresa
Adam and Me at Vasquez Rocks.

Adam and Me at Vasquez Rocks.

As you likely saw on my social media feeds, my writing partner, Adam Hunault, recently came to L.A. to visit for two weeks. It was really great to have him in town for a number of reasons, the first of which (of course) is that he’s one of my best friends and I like having him around in general.

But second, I realized something new while he was here. Or rather, his being here confirmed something that I wasn’t sure was entirely true.

You see, before I moved to L.A. from New York, I resented the fact that if I wanted to write for television, I “had” to move to Los Angeles. After all, tons of shows film in New York, so I didn’t understand why they couldn’t be written there. What’s more, I didn’t understand why one couldn’t just apply for TV-writing gigs, fly to L.A. for an interview if need be, but then join the writers’ room via Skype or Google Hangout or something. Surely, advances in technology should allow for more wiggle room in the television industry! Or so I thought.

Having lived in L.A. for two and a half years now (Time flies when you’re having life!), I realize that there’s no way in hell I could make any headway career-wise without moving my ass out here. It really is all about who you know – and not in a sleazy, superficial, casting-couch kind of a way (there is no Writer’s Couch that I know of, but if it gets that soap-operaesque, I’ll let you know). In the entertainment industry, and particularly when it comes to writing, it seems, jobs are pursued and obtained by word of mouth. It’s more likely that you’ll get your first shot at a job from a friend of a friend who works at a studio than it is to “apply” for a job (however one would even do that – especially without an agent). The entertainment industry is based in large part on people helping each other out. So, if you’re not out here to meet those people…well, good luck on

That was the other reason Adam came out here. In addition to seeing me (and writing with me, but more on that later), he was scoping out L.A. to make a final decision as to whether or not he’s going to move out here. As we’ve applied for the writing fellowships, he started to realize that his not being here is a bit of a hindrance. A pro writer I know graciously agreed to write us a letter of recommendation for the ABC Writing Program despite having never met Adam in person. Meanwhile, another pro writer I approached graciously turned us down, in part, because he had never met Adam and didn’t feel comfortable vouching for a team whose members he didn’t all know, which is completely understandable. So, after this two-week trip. Adam is planning on coming out here in a couple of months for a 3-4 month stint to really get a feel for the city in order to make his final decision.

I’ll be glad to have him when he does move out here.

Adam and Me at a friend's birthday pool party. SEE? He HAS to move here, for we have sunshine and pool parties ALL THE TIME.

Adam and Me at a friend’s birthday pool party. SEE? He HAS to move here, for we have sunshine and pool parties ALL THE TIME.

The Needing to Be in L.A. to Pursue a TV Career thing I already knew. The thing that Adam being here really hammered home was the fact that there’s nothing like writing with someone In Person. We’ve been long-distance for our entire partnership (though we’ve known each other for over 10 years, and were housemates for about 7), but our best work has always been when we’ve been able to be in the same room to hash out our ideas. There’s something in the air when your collaborator is in the same room as you. The energy is infectious, and it’s easier to get points across and pick up what your partner is throwing down. It’s also more fun! When we broke our first original pilot, Rocket, it was during Adam’s previous visit to L.A. in February of last year. We had a couple of meetings over dinner for 2-3 hours at a time, and we figured out our show and broke the pilot. Adam went back to New York with a complete outline of the episode, and we worked on finishing our assigned scenes in different cities. When I visited New York in October of last year, we went over our first draft (second?), and hashed out all of our notes, realized what needed fixing, and had massive changes for a new draft. Things that would’ve taken forever to hash out going back and forth over email were handled in a couple of hours. And for some reason, the creative conversation doesn’t run as smoothly over a screen, or over the phone. Those things are great for quick follow-ups or notes. But breaking a story? Getting to the nitty-gritty of a new work? That needs to happen face to face.

I finally understand why all the TV writing needs to happen in one city, and why writers’ rooms need to be attended in person. Hashing out ideas over Skype will never be as effective or organic as sitting in a room with someone, feeling their energy, and telling a story together. So, yeah. Lesson learned.

In the two weeks Adam was here, we not only broke a new pilot (which I’ll tell you more about once it’s more than an outline, but for now the working title is Scion), but we also figured out stories for two new specs of existing shows we want to write. We already have Rocket and our Elementary spec. By the end of the year, we want to finish the Scion pilot, write two new specs, and at least outline a third original pilot. AND, Adam and I are now going to be partnering up on a web series I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER. Now, instead of writing it all myself, I have a partner to help, and he seems as excited about the idea as I am! This summer and fall is all about churning out new material!

Before Adam approached me with the idea that eventually became Rocket, I never thought I’d ever want a permanent writing partner. It gave me heebly-jeeblies to even give an editor control of words I’d written, let alone a partner. Writing was always a solitary activity to me, and I was very protective of my story babies. :) But after working on Rocket, I realize that there are times when having a partner is the best thing for you – having someone who’s on the same page as you as far as the kind of stories you want to tell, but who brings a different perspective that you might never have considered on your own. Someone talented who forces you to step up your writing game lest you get left behind. Someone to hold you accountable.

Someone to write half the fucking pages. ;)

But seriously, allowing myself to have a writing partner for my TV stuff is the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel like I’m doing some of my best writing now, and I’m so glad to be working with someone with whom I don’t feel competitive. We each want great things for the other, and we both want what’s best for our scripts, no matter whose darlings end up getting killed. It’s a great thing.

And I can’t wait until he’s back in L.A. so that we can be writing things together in the same room again.

Me and Adam at Swingers Diner in Santa Monica. He has resting Raspberry Face.

Me and Adam at Swingers Diner in Santa Monica. He has resting Raspberry Face.


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