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Published October 7, 2014 by Teresa

There’s a new feature up at my Pop Goes Teresa column at Beacon where you can talk TV with me and fellow Beacon readers! (not to mention a special offer below!)


Starting later today (with Gotham), I’ll be posting discussions in the Updates section of my profile (subscribers will be emailed whenever a new discussion posts). They’ll go up the day after each show airs every week, and I’ll start each discussion thread with a topic or a question to get ‘er going. This way, you can stop by and discuss the current episodes with me and your fellow Beacon readers! Look for [SHOW TITLE IN CAPS]: [Title] [date] in the list of discussions, and keep coming back to join in the chat about the shows you love! 

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Happy reading, everyone!


Published October 1, 2014 by Teresa
Aurora and Me (with severe Nervous Face) at the first public reading of an Incredible Girl script. December 2013

Aurora and Me (with severe Nervous Face) at the first public reading of an Incredible Girl script. December 2013

If you’ve been following my blog or social media feeds at all, it’s likely that you’ve heard me talk about being involved in a digital series called Incredible Girl. Now, as our growing production team has started ramping up our pre-production and fundraising efforts, I figured it might be nice to keep you posted by keeping an Incredible Girl production diary!

But before I can keep you posted on where we’re going, I wanted to fill you in on where we’ve been so far.

Me at the Ms. In the Biz launch in 2013, the night I met Aurora. Photo by Michael Jackson for ChileJam!

Me at the Ms. In the Biz launch in 2013, the night I met Aurora. Photo by Michael Jackson for ChileJam!

APRIL 2013

I attended the Ms. In the Biz launch party at the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel where I met lots of wonderful female creators including actress/producer Aurora de Blas. As we chatted, she mentioned that she had recently produced a short film called Incredible Girl, which she’d entered into film festivals. When I went home and watched it, I thought it was really cool – and it also seemed to me like the beginning of something. When I asked her if she had additional plans for it, she said she didn’t, but that she wanted to. She thought it a shame for the festival circuit to be the end of the line for this short film that she’d poured her heart and resources into.

She asked me what I thought it was the beginning of. I messaged her some initial ideas. We wrote back and forth. We agreed to meet up.

And when we met up, after a long, great conversation, she asked me if I’d be interested in writing a web series based on her short film. It would be a paying gig to write something really interesting and thought-provoking and work with an awesome person whose values and work ethic I share. I said yes.

And so it began.

My notes for revisions during my early drafts.

My notes for revisions during my early drafts.

MAY 2013-JULY 2014

I started developing some ideas inspired by the original film. The sexual energy that surges through the film inspired me to bring the world of BDSM into the story. That led to Aurora and I meeting regularly to hash out what the story and characters should be. Our conversations led to the introduction of a religious element in the mix – after all, a great way to examine an extreme lifestyle is by contrasting it with its extreme opposite. We named the “Innocent Girl” of the short film Sarah, and gave her a family, a life, a conflict. The character of “Incredible Girl” stayed Incredible Girl, but this time for a reason, and she, too, was given a life, friends, a conflict. They were each given a love interest (or two, or three!). Aurora and I went through about three drafts of the 10-episode series.

We had the opportunity to read Episode Two of the series at the December 2013 International Academy of Web Television meet-up, and received a wonderful and generous response! The gathered writers and producers seemed to really enjoy the script, and while they had some notes for me, all the notes came from a place of being really interested in the story and wanting to know more about the characters. Of the four scripts read that night, Incredible Girl generated the most conversation. That night was the first night that I really registered that we really have something here. :)

Sabrina directing the Incredible Girl teaser, 2014.

Sabrina directing the Incredible Girl teaser, 2014.

And then came Sabrina! :) At the beginning of 2014, Aurora reached out to potential directors, and we met and fell in love with the talented Sabrina Doyle. She had the vision, the storytelling ability, and the personality best suited to work on this project, and after meeting her once and checking out her previous projects, I knew she would be perfect for this story. She’s also been amazing to work with, and despite not having filmed any episodes has already made the series better. After the initial three drafts, the scripts have gone through two more courtesy of Sabrina’s insightful notes and way with a story. Through Sabrina, we’ve added key elements to the characters and story that have made the series as a whole stronger, more specific, and even more daring.


Once the scripts were, for the most part, locked, we started moving on to other production matters – making contacts within the BDSM community both to build our fanbase and seek funding. We’ve started pooling our resources and seeking out sponsors and locations. We’ve shot a trailer that we hope to be releasing soon! We’ve been meeting with additional producing partners, because Aurora and I both know that the scope of what we hope to do with this project is bigger than the two of us can handle on our own, and I think we’ve found some great ones in Lauren Fash and Susan Graham, with whom we met a couple of weeks ago to come up with a plan of attack and next steps.

First step of that plan? Raise the funds needed to produce a kick-ass pilot episode.

Me and Clem Jeffreys in a shot from the Incredible Girl trailer, which is actually Scenes 1 & 2 from the pilot. 2014.

Me and Clem Jeffreys in a shot from the Incredible Girl trailer, which is actually Scenes 1 & 2 from the pilot. 2014.

And that’s where we are! Between now and the beginning of next year, we’re focusing on fundraising – but we’re going to stay away from crowdfunding for the moment, so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with Kickstarter/IndieGoGo links just yet! We’re hoping to take a more intimate approach to building our fan base and creating this one episode by doing in-person fundraising events and approaching supporters one-on-one.

Our first attempt to do just that is TOMORROW! :)


Tomorrow is our first fundraiser, courtesy of Veggie Grill in West Hollywood. If you stop by that location tomorrow between 5-10PM, whether you’re staying or grabbing food to go, and mention Incredible Girl (or our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions), 50% of the proceeds from your order go to our effort. So if you want to help out, PLEASE:

1) RSVP at our Facebook invite to let us know if you’re planning on coming!

2) SPREAD THE WORD by spreading THIS FLYER to anyone you think would support our project and/or go out for a vegetarian dinner. Remember, they have to go to THIS location tomorrow night between 5-10PM in order for it to count.

That’s it! Easy-peasy. What’s more, Aurora and I will be there, and will be handing out Cupcake Dominatrix buttons, so you’ll be able to take home the first-ever bit of Incredible Girl merchandise for free as a Thank You for supporting our cause.

I hope I can count on my Los Angeles peeps to come out tomorrow night! But don’t worry – those of you not in L.A. will have plenty of opportunity to show your support later! Stay tuned to this space for regular installments of my Incredible Girl Diary, as well as future fundraising efforts and events.

And don’t forget to Like the Incredible Girl Facebook page and follow Incredible Girl on Twitter!

NEW AT BEACON: Fall TV 2014-15: Newbies – Week of 9/22

Published September 30, 2014 by Teresa

Amy Landecker and Jeffrey Tambor in a scene from Transparent.

Last week was a bit wonky for me schedule-wise, so I didn’t get my usual Beacon post up, so I’ll be pulling triple duty this week! I’m trying to write about all the show premieres this week – both new and returning shows – that I’m watching and giving you my two cents! So here’s my sum-up of last week’s offerings! Shows include Gotham, Black-ish, How to Get Away With Murder, and Transparent! (You can expect my take on last week’s returning shows and this week’s offerings later this week!)


The last time I laughed this hard at a comedy pilot was for New Girl, and I think the reasons why I laughed so hard then are the same as why I laughed now. These characters and the way they view and experience the world felt very familiar to me. I’m not Black, but I am Latina, so I’m no stranger to having grown up in a minority culture, valuing that while also valuing mainstream success, and what a delicate balance that is. Creator Kenya Barris captures all the nuance of that balancing act with humor and kindness. There is so much love in this show, and though many of the jokes are very pointed, it’s never coming from an angry or malicious place, and it’s really the first show I’ve ever watched that captures that balancing act this accurately (if anyone has any other recommendations, let me know below!). The characters are also a lot of fun – I can’t wait to see more of “Pops” (Lawrence Fishburne plays him like a gruff teddy bear), and the kids are as nuanced as the adults.

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Thanks! :)



Published September 25, 2014 by Teresa


I haven’t been very prolific on the blog front lately, because this has been a huge time of transition and success for me! New writing opportunities, new part-time job, and ramping up production on Incredible Girl!

I’ll be writing more about all of this next week, but right now I wanted to tell you about Incredible Girl‘s first fundraiser and how you can help! (If you live in L.A, this one’s for you!)

Veggie Grill has graciously allowed us to do a fundraiser at their West Hollywood location! It’s super-easy: if you go to the VeggieGrill at 8000 Sunset Blvd on October 2nd, purchase dinner and mention Incredible Girl or From the Heart Productions (our fiscal sponsor) – or print out or show THIS FLYER on your phone – Veggie Grill will donate 50% of what you purchase to our project that night! Anything we raise will go toward recouping costs on the recent Incredible Girl teaser we shot, toward hiring a graphic artist to create an Incredible Girl logo, and other costs that are starting to creep up as we move forward with this project.

Whether you stay and enjoy your meal, or quickly grab something To Go, IT ALL COUNTS! But Exec Producer and star Aurora de Blas and I will be there the whole time if you want to stay and eat and say hello. :)

And if possible, join the Facebook Event for the fundraiser! This way, we can have an idea of how much help we’ll be getting on the 2nd. It’ll certainly boost morale over at Camp Incredible Girl!

So, if you’re in L.A. on October 2nd, consider having dinner at Veggie Grill and mentioning our fundraiser! It would be a huge help and be a great start to what I know is going to be a long, exciting journey!

Thank you so much. :)

HOTPIXEL POST: The Hot List – Writer/Producer/Director Tom Grey of Player Piano

Published September 22, 2014 by Teresa

It’s been a while, but there’s a new Hot List over at the HotPixel blog! The subject of this month’s Hot List is probably very familiar to many of the geeks in my social media feeds – it’s Tom Grey, writer/producer/director and creator of Player Piano on YouTube.


Geek & Sundry alum, writer/producer/director Tom Grey, arrived in Los Angeles twelve years ago, as many others do, determined to break into the entertainment industry. His first gigs were in reality television, which he hated, and after a while they prompted him to leave the industry for a bit to focus exclusively on his writing. He supported his writing habit by working as a laundromat salesman.

That’s right. A laundromat salesman. As in, he sold a lot of industrial-sized washers and dryers. The things we do for love, amirite?

However, he couldn’t stay away from the industry for long. He began freelancing as a camera assistant, taking on several jobs with Disney through HotPixel! Yup, he’s one of ours! But, of course, he also wanted to create his own projects.

“There hadn’t been a movie that I’d made yet, and I started to get a little bit frustrated about the lack of just…making stuff,” Grey explains. “What ended up happening was that I heard from a friend who was making some of those Doritos Super Bowl Ads, and it was sort of ‘Let’s get together and just have an excuse to make something.’ So we made them, and I directed them, and I had a ton of fun doing them. And actually Art and the team over at HotPixel colored them, which was a lot of fun. That led to a short film that I did called Undying Love, and that’s a little zombie short film that I did that ended up going to film festivals and stuff. And that led to me working for Stan Lee.”

For the full post, or to leave comments, CLICK HERE!

NEW AT BEACON: “Fall TV 2014-15 – The Girls Are Back! Mindy and Jess Return to FOX!”

Published September 19, 2014 by Teresa

It’s time for my weekly post at Beacon! And as shows continue to return for the current season, I’ll be spotlighting the shows I think are worth watching. This week, two of my favorite, female-fronted comedies returned to FOX. It’s all about The Mindy Project and New Girl!


One of the things that made me fall in love with [New Girl] from the pilot was the honest, real depiction of modern-day friendships. Many women I know are primarily friends with guys, and I loved that there was a show that was capturing that dynamic. The last thing I wanted was for any of the guys to be a love interest for Jess.

Then, Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt happened. And Jess and Nick happened.

And while Jess and Nick were a cute enough couple, I think they make better friends, and I’m glad the dynamic is back to the way it was at the start of the show. It isn’t that Jess is One of the Guys – she’s very much a girly-girl. But she and her roomies look out for each other. They are friends, with no ulterior motives, and I like seeing that on television.

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Thanks! :)

Pike and Trident Premieres TODAY!

Published September 19, 2014 by Teresa

I’m very excited to announce and support a new, female-led digital series called Pike and Trident, which launched TODAY! It’s the story of two museum curators from the future – Myrtle Pike and Trudy Trident –  who must time-travel to regain important historical artifacts that were lost when one of them, ahem, SCREWS UP. :)

If Doctor Who and Game of Thrones had a baby girl, it might look something like this.

The series was written by and stars my good friend, Patty Robinson, and co-stars the lovely Kim Turney. It’s co-directed by Turney and Jan Bryant, who is also the stunt coordinator. And stunts there are! One of the coolest things about Pike and Trident is the fact that so much focus is placed on sword combat between the two leads. This series is great, in part, because Pike and Trident are the opposite of besties, and watching them be at each other’s throats even as they need to rely on each other to get out of trouble is a lot of fun!

Right now, only the pilot is available, with more to come soon (and hopefully, they’ll be able to raise the money to continue the show as scripted – though there are currently plans to regularly put out supplemental digital content from the world of Pike and Trident). Check out the pilot (below!), then head on over to the Pike and Trident website, and “like” the show on Facebook, to keep up with future content and episodes.

If you love female protagonists, time travel, sword fighting, sci-fi, and general badassery, give Pike and Trident a whirl.

It’s my Talk Like a Pirate Day gift to you. Arrrrrrgh! ;)


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