Pound By Pound: Thank You For Being Beautiful

Published September 15, 2014 by Teresa


Me at the Incredible Girl teaser shoot last night. I play Cupcake Dominatrix. :)

Me at the Incredible Girl teaser shoot last night. I play Cupcake Dominatrix. :)


Last night, as I walked through Sanctuary LAX wearing dominatrix garb during the shoot for the Incredible Girl teaser last night, a woman I’d never met stopped in her tracks and, completely earnestly and with no agenda, said “You are SO beautiful. Thank you for being so beautiful!”

That being the nicest thing a stranger’s ever said to me, I didn’t quite know how to respond! I said “Uh….thank you?” Then, mustering up some Cupcake Dominatrix (my character in Incredible Girl) confidence, I said “I aim to please.” :)

This totally reminded me that, no matter what I weigh, I’m actually gorgeous right now. And I have to say that during the shoot, as I caught glimpses of myself in mirrors dressed in fishnets, boy shorts, and a corset, I was rather pleased with my reflection. It’s easy to forget that it’s possible for you to look amazing when you spend most of your days away from other human eyes while toiling diligently at your writing in your apartment in your pajamas, so it’s nice to be reminded when you’re walking around in the world.

Anyway, despite having been too busy with writing-related stuff to work out the past couple of weeks, I did do my monthly measurements on the 12th. Here’s where I am right now:

Teresa September Stats (9/12/14):
Weight: 267.8lbs (-5.4lbs from last month / -9.4lbs since start)
Upper arm: 19 1/2″ (+ 1/2 from last month / -1″ since start)
Bust: 50″ (no change from last month / – 1/4″ since start)
Waist: 45 1/2″ (+ 1/4″ from last month / + 1″ since start)
Hips: 54 1/4″ (-1/8″ from last month / + 2/8″ since start)
Thighs: 33 3/4″ (no change from last month / +1/8″ since start)

So, apparently I’ve lost weight from areas on my body that I don’t regularly measure? I guess my calves and fingers are getting super-skinny right now. ;)

I will get back to working out. I haven’t been eating completely crazily, but I did have The Boy have to step in and warn me away from a bad habit (ie: eating ice cream too regularly). The Boy gave me a heads-up when it looked like I might start going overboard, and even though I got defensive, I eventually took what my better half had to say under consideration and realized that The Boy only did this out of concern for my health, and I was then able to stop and course-correct before going too far down a bad road.

Thank you, My Love!

Still, despite all this, I know that The Boy thinks I’m beautiful. Apparently, so do strangers in dungeons. :)

And so do I.

And I think you are, too. Yes, you. You reading this.

Thank you for being so beautiful. 

NEW AT BEACON: “Fall TV 2014-15: Selfie”

Published September 12, 2014 by Teresa


This week at Beacon, I start talking about the shows, both new and returning, that I’m excited about this year! This week, it’s all about the new Karen Gillan show, Selfie.


3) The Problem Isn’t ‘Selfies,’ It’s Self.

A while back, I blogged about the fact that I HATE when people get self-righteous about not taking selfies/getting involved in social media/etc, etc as if internet life and “real life” were two different things, and pat themselves on the back for “tearing themselves away.” In fact, Henry on Selfie is just such a person. What I love about the show is that the message isn’t about how horrible this generation is for being wrapped up in social media. What it’s saying is: Caring about others is important. The reason why Eliza is friendless is not because she’s on Twitter all the time, but because when given the opportunity to be a kind person in real life, she often chooses the opposite. The thing is, Henry has the same problem, except he doesn’t have the excuse of a social media presence. Sure, he knows how to appear caring, and can successfully guide Eliza’s behavior and improve her image. Yet he, too, is friendless, alone, and awkward with people in his personal life. Social media is to Eliza what books and work are to Henry. These two characters coming into each other’s lives will benefit them both. Eliza is not the only one who needs fixing. 

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Thanks! :)

NEW AT BEACON: “Joan Rivers: Unapologetic”

Published September 5, 2014 by Teresa

I write a pop culture column over at Beacon. So it would be remiss of me to not talk about the passing of one of pop culture’s loudest satirists, the inimitable Joan Rivers.


I’ve spent most of my life not a huge Joan Rivers fan. 

I know, I’m not supposed to say that now that she’s passed away (she died yesterday at the age of 81), but considering how outspoken and brash she was throughout her career, I’m sure she wouldn’t begrudge me the opportunity to speak my mind. 

Her jokes always seemed a bit dated to me – women either being sluts, or “not being able to catch husbands,” etc – and I found the way she tended to laugh between each joke, as if she wanted to fill in just in case no one in the audience found her funny, a bit grating. People of my generation have known of Joan Rivers’ existence for our entire lives. However, unlike Robin Williams, she rarely appeared in a context that we were allowed to enjoy as children, so we didn’t “grow up” with her in the same way. Her stand-up was either on late-night talk shows, which we couldn’t stay up and watch, or it was on cable, where it was allowed to be as raunchy as she could make it, and we weren’t allowed to watch. So, unless we were specifically interested in pursuing comedy as a career, my generation primarily grew up knowing Joan Rivers as That Annoying Woman on Awards Show Red Carpets Who Doesn’t Have Her Facts Straight and Is Embarrassing Us All. We grew up with parodies of Joan Rivers, and very often, Rivers seemed like a parody of herself. 

And this is a horrible shame. 

It wasn’t until I watched the brilliant documentary about her life and career,Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (IFC, 2010), that I truly began to understand just how much she contributed to comedy, to show business, and to feminism.

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Thanks! :)

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m a Chick Who Digs Gaming!

Published August 28, 2014 by Teresa
Chicks Dig Gaming cover illustration by the squee-worthy Katy Shuttleworth.

Chicks Dig Gaming cover illustration by the squee-worthy Katy Shuttleworth.

So, you may have heard about this awesome new anthology being published by Mad Norwegian Press called Chicks Dig Gaming, which is coming out on November 11, 2014! Edited by Jennifer Brozek (Apocalypse Ink Productions), Robert Smith? (Who is the Doctor) and Lars Pearson (editor-in-chief, the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig series), this anthology brings together essays by nearly three dozen female writers to celebrate the gaming medium (both video and tabletop) and its creators, and to examine the characters and series that they love. Contributors include: Catherynne M. Valente (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland…, Indistinguishable from Magic) examines Super Mario Bros. through the lens of Samsara, the Wheel of Birth and Rebirth; Seanan McGuire (the October Daye series) details how gaming taught her math; G. Willow Wilson (Alif the Unseen) revels in World of Warcraft; and Rosemary Jones (Forgotten Realms) celebrates world traveler Nellie Bly and the board game she inspired.

Other contributors include Emily Care Boss (Gaming as Women), Jen J. Dixon (The Walking Eye), Racheline Maltese (The Book of Harry Potter Triffles…), Mary Anne Mohanraj (Bodies in Motion), L.M. Myles (Chicks Unravel Time), Jody Lynn Nye (the MythAdventures series), and E. Lily Yu (“The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees”). Also featured: exclusive interviews with Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens and Dragonlance author Margaret Weis.

And do you know who else is a contributor? 

That’s right – ME! :) This is my third contribution to a Mad Norwegian anthology, and I’m so thrilled to be among such illustrious company! Chicks Dig Gaming will feature my essay, Who In the Hell is Carmen Sandiego?, about everyone’s favorite Miss of Misdemeanor and why she’s such an important character.

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating at a reading held by DTLAB / Writ Large Press as part of their 90In90 series (90 literary events in 90 days – this one was, like, 54 or something! Yeesh!) at Traxx in Union Station, and I read my Carmen Sandiego essay to a very enthusiastic audience! I have a video of my reading, but as I was surprised by being asked to go first, and didn’t have a chance to explain how my camera worked to the friend I was with, she managed to figure it out and start recording well into my reading. Still, it’s a good three-minute-ish chunk that’ll give you a taste of what you can expect when you read it in full in Chicks Dig Gaming! ;) (Pssst! It’s currently available for pre-order!)

The other thing I never pointed out to my friend? Where the zoom button was. :) Luckily, I’m loud. Enjoy!

POUND BY POUND: Day 18 – Getting Out of a Funk

Published August 28, 2014 by Teresa
Wearily back in the saddle.

Wearily back in the saddle.

So, I haven’t exercised in three days. Come to think of it, I haven’t done much else either. For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past few days. I’ve been inexplicably exhausted, not being able to haul my carcass out of bed before 10:30AM, I’ve been bored by everything, haven’t written much and couldn’t even bring myself to blog, and I’ve spent a majority of my time playing Tetris, watching the FX show The Bridge on HuluPlus (PS – it’s a great show), and generally not doing anything productive. Not to mention the fact that I seem to be suddenly afflicted with allergies from Hell. I’ve sneezed more in the past week than I have in my life, I’m congested, my throat’s been scratchy, and my nose constantly feels like I’m breathing through dust. I’ve taken both Claratin and cold medicine, and neither seems to have helped much. Thank God I had a work date at the Burbank library w/my new friends Jenny, Renee, and Alex on Tuesday. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done any writing at all.

Until today. :)

Last night, I realized I couldn’t let my funk go on for much longer. So I started winding down for bed at 11PM, the way I do on my best days, meditating and journalling. Then I went to bed at a decent hour, and was miraculously not only able to wake up at 6AM this morning, but I wrote 5 more pages of script (which seems to be my average in 2 uninterrupted hours).

Day 18 Finish Screen

Day 18 Finish Screen

Then, I got back to DailyBurn, which in three days has come back around to the workout I did three days ago – Stability and Mobility 2. I definitely felt it, coming back into a Level 2 workout after not having exercised at all in three days. I got a bit worried when I started to feel a twinge in my chest while doing lunges, so I pulled back and stopped going as fast as I would’ve normally. That’s the thing. Every time you stop, it’s that much harder to get going again.

But the point is to get going again, I guess.

I’ll be blogging more later, but I’ll end this one here. I’m just glad that I was able to get back to it. Every time I sweat up a storm like I did this morning, I know I’m doing something good for myself. I need to remember that feeling.

NEW AT BEACON: How “The Heat” Is Less Funny in a Post-Ferguson World

Published August 25, 2014 by Teresa

I posted this over at Beacon on Friday, but was too lazy to promote it wanted it to be an exclusive for my Beacon subscribers first! I recently saw the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy film The Heat for the first time recently, and I thought it less funny than I might have thought it in the theater since I watched it post-Ferguson.


Now, he was smoking a joint (and very stupidly kept waving it around). She was well within her rights to take him in. There’s no question about that. (We can have a discussion about our outdated, ineffectual, ridiculous drug laws another time) Also, it’s clear from their interaction that he’s had priors. They seem to know each other – probably because she’s brought him in before. My problem was in the way she stopped, not for the joint, but for a charge she just assumed he was guilty of, because he was sitting there “in the middle of all the prostitutes,” and greets him by calling him “My favorite asshole.” Then, she finds something to arrest him for, chases him, rams him with her car, and chases him down leaving the white guy free to escape. She never goes back for the white guy – apparently, because smoking a joint is way worse than soliciting a prostitute (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either, nor do I think either should be illegal, but I digress…) – but she does manage to take the black kid down by throwing a watermelon at him. But we’re commenting on racism by doing this! That’s what makes this funny!, we’re meant to think. 

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Thanks! :)

HOTPIXEL POST: “HotPixel Welcomes Colorist, Anthony Harris!”

Published August 25, 2014 by Teresa

Anthony Harris.

My latest interview at the HotPixel blog actually posted last week, but I never posted it here, and figured I should remedy that! I did an interview with the newest member of the HotPixel team – the brilliant, illustrious (and super-sweet) colorist, Anthony Harris, who’s worked on films like Spider-Man, Life of Pi, and of course, THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE, Starship Troopers. :) In this interview, he discusses his amazing career, as well as what independent filmmakers need to know about hiring a colorist.


“[In] big studios, a lot of the legwork was done before it got to me,” he explains. “So, I’m enjoying being in a situation where there are clients who may not have been doing it for twenty years, or who may not be working for a studio where everything is provided and there’s a person hired to do every single little thing. It’s exciting, because it keeps me on top of my game! I have to know what I’m talking about to be able to help a client, so ultimately that helps me. I think that when you work for a big studio, and you come into the office, and everything’s on your desk and ready to go, and you do your job and walk away, and someone else takes it from there, you can kind of get too comfortable.

“So, the one thing I’ve learned in the time I’ve worked for HotPixel is that, no, you need to know it all. From when the client brings the drive in – and I know this sounds ridiculous – where do you plug it in? [laughs] Where does it go? How do you conform? What are your steps from getting it in to getting it out? And being able to do it all myself, I’ve learned so much in the last month. It’s a very big confidence builder. Anything that you do [in the film industry], it’s a craft, and if you really enjoy your craft, you want to know it all, regardless of whether you need to use those skills every day, you want to be able to know what you’re doing. And that’s what I enjoy most about working with everyone here.”

This desire to learn more and be on top of his game was evident even when he was just starting out. At Sony Pictures, he started out in the model shop. Quickly realizing that the model shop was not where he wanted to be, he expressed this to friends he had at Sony Imageworks, and was hired there as a PA. The first film on which he worked? The cult classic sci-fi film, Starship Troopers.

For the full post, or to leave a comment, CLICK HERE.


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