NEW AT BEACON: “NOAH, Part 2: Where Are People of Color In All This?”

Published April 17, 2014 by Teresa

My Passover trip home with The Boy got really interesting during the second night seder, when The Boy’s mother’s new friends from shul came for dinner, and they started discussing the politics of Israel. One group of friends seemed more sympathetic to the Palestinians than the other, and it was fascinating to watch them try and reconcile their views with the story of the Exodus. What’s more, the Haggadah we were using contained readings of oppression and liberty and peace from different speakers/writers, and when it was my turn to read something, a reading written by an Arab girl in Haifa whose family home had been taken over by a Jewish family by chance fell to me – not Arab, but the only brown person at the table.

Very interesting indeed.

Anyway, it’s appropriate, then, that my most recent piece at Beacon is the second part in my three-part write-up of the film, Noah, wherein I discuss the complicated issue of race.


2) They could midrash everything else, but they couldn’t midrash people of color?

Angels living in rock monsters? Totally fine. Two of Noah’s three sons not having wives with them (which they do in the source material), meaning that either we’re all descended from one couple, or Noah’s sons end up having sex with their twin nieces? Awesome. Hell, a story about A FLOOD THAT KILLS EVERYTHING ON EARTH EXCEPT FOR ONE FAMILY ON AN ARK THAT CAN ALSO FIT TWO OF EVERY SPECIES ON THE PLANET THAT THEY KEEP ASLEEP USING MAGIC INCENSE THAT SOMEHOW DOESN’T AFFECT THE HUMANS TOO? That’s cool.

But having the movie look like “a Benetton ad” is where they drew the line. Hmm…I don’t know… Having the cast not all be one race (that happens to be mine)? That takes me out of the story and makes it less mythical.


If the idea of someone being pulled out of a story, or being unable to appreciate a myth because the world is made to look like the world doesn’t strike you as insane, it should. Because it’s fucking insane.

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NEW AT BEACON: “NOAH, Part 1: Where’s God In All This?”

Published April 15, 2014 by Teresa

First of all, to those of you celebrating Passover this week, Happy Passover! I spent last night at a lovely seder with The Boy and his family, and I hope that the rest of you out there celebrating with your families had as wonderful and as laughter-filled a night as I did!

Secondly, whether you’re celebrating Passover this week, Easter on Sunday, or just love talking about movies, my first post is up at Beacon! Appropriately enough, it’s a write-up about Hollywood’s latest Biblical epic, Noah.


In Noah, we never see God struggle with the decision of whether or not to destroy humanity. The decision is placed entirely in Noah’s hands, which might be easier for us humans to digest, but if anyone is going to call an idea from the film blasphemous or controversial, this would be as appropriate a choice as any. It’s as if people want to protect the image of a perfect God so much that they do it at the expense of those moments in our religious texts when God admits and highlights God’s own struggles. Even when those struggles might also have things to teach us.

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Published April 11, 2014 by Teresa

Double Indemnity

Hi everyone!

I’m currently on vaycay with The Boy in MD, but I’m still getting work done! (or trying to!)

Check out the latest at the HotPixel blog! There’s a new monthly feature written by HotPixel’s color correction genius, Bruce Goodman called, appropriately enough, Bruce’s Corner!


A great example of how imagery can enhance the storytelling process is the Film Noir genre, which was very popular in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. The look of these films were characterized by low key lighting, which created rich streaks of light and shadow. Combined with oddly balanced composition these stark black and white images conveyed a discomforting sense of mystery, danger and disillusionment.

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HOTPIXEL POST: “The Hot List: Greg Laemmle – President, Laemmle Theaters

Published March 31, 2014 by Teresa

Greg Laemmle and his father, Robert, at the Laemmle Royal Theater. Photo Credit: Wally Skali/LA Times

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another Hot List over at the HotPixel Blog! I had a chance to interview Greg Laemmle, President of Laemmle Theaters,  and talked to him about his love of film, and what he looks for when choosing what indie films to screen at his theaters. Independent filmmakers, take note! :)


When you think of where to go see quality independent films in Los Angeles, it’s likely that the first places to come to mind are Laemmle Theaters. Back in 1938, Kurt and Max Laemmle, nephews of the founder of Universal Pictures, Carl Laemmle, created Laemmle Theaters as a place where quality independent, foreign, and arthouse cinema could be viewed alongside more mainstream fare, giving indie filmmakers a proper showcase for their work.

More than 70 years later, Laemmle Theaters have seven locations throughout Los Angeles, and it’s still very much a family business. HotPixel recently talked with Laemmle Theaters’ current President, Greg Laemmle, to discuss its place in the independent film community, and the ways in which Laemmle Theaters gives burgeoning filmmakers a chance to shine.

What’s interesting is that, despite the Laemmle family’s film legacy, Greg is the only one of his five siblings to go into the family business.

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Published March 31, 2014 by Teresa

For the past couple of weeks you’ve heard me talk about my Beacon campaign – you know, where I’m asking you to subscribe to my pop culture criticism over at this great site that features 100+ independent journalists from all over the world writing about the topics that are important to you. The one where for only $5/month you can subscribe to me AND have access to those great writers.

The one where I need to come to the table with 50 subscribers in order to land the gig? Yeah, that one. :)

I know for a fact that more than 50 people read me. The question is, are there 50 people out there willing to spend $5/month to do so? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that there are! And if you’ve been thinking about it, or are on the fence, TODAY IS THE DAY TO TAKE ACTION! 

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Can you be one of those nine? Thank you SO MUCH. I look forward to having some awesome conversation about pop culture with you at Beacon!

That link again:


Published March 28, 2014 by Teresa
Photo Credit: Bill Young Photography.

Photo Credit: Bill Young Photography.

Hey everyone!

Check out the latest at the HotPixel Post Blog. I wrote a short piece about an awesome musical short film that HotPixel co-produced called String Theory!


You’ve heard about the Kickstarter, and you’ve been keeping tabs on the “Making Of.” Now, one of HotPixel’s labors of love is finally out in the world! 

HotPixel teamed up with Paper Windows and Image Craft to bring you a singular short film written and directed by Jonathan Pezza! Starring Abraham Benrubi (E.R, U-Turn), Paulina Cerilla (NBC’s The Voice), and newcomer Thien Nguyen, String Theory is a musical short film that follows three singer-songwriters through a day in L.A. While each of them faces different circumstances and come from different life experiences, the one thing that connects them all is their relationship to music.

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Changes to My Beacon Campaign!

Published March 18, 2014 by Teresa

So, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. :)

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to the 25 brave, supportive souls who have sustained my writing and taken a chance on me in this new endeavor. I’m so, so grateful to each and every one of you. 

When I started my Beacon campaign (where you can subscribe to my pop culture writing for a mere $5/month) I originally wanted to aim for 100 subscribers. After all, my Facebook writing page has over 400 likes, and I figured that 100 of those folks might be down to subscribe. 

Thing is, I started this campaign on extremely short notice, so I didn’t have a chance to prep it the way one might, say, a crowdfunding campaign, and my effort started to falter. 

However, the guys at Beacon have been super-supportive, and they’re really interested in the work I’m trying to do – so rather than letting me falter and not hiring me, they’ve lowered the amount of subscribers I need to get the gig to 50 and extended my deadline to APRIL 1ST

Which means that I’m now halfway to my goal!

You now have a little extra time – 2 WEEKS – to subscribe! If you’ve been thinking about it, now would be a great time to choose your subscription! I still need to reach this goal in order to land the gig. But in addition to helping me achieve that goal, subscribing now will also allow you to subscribe for reduced prices and purchase special deals (like buying one subscription and getting one for a friend!). 

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And yes, while folks can always subscribe once I have the gig, in order for me to get the gig in the first place, I need to make my first 50 subscribers! Now, I’m already at 25, and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting to my original 100-subscriber goal anyway! So, who else is with me? :)


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